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Some answers to your most frequently asked questions.


Q:     Is there anything that I should do before or after my massage session?

A:     We ask that you not eat a big meal, drink alcohol, or have caffeine right before your session.  After your massage it’s important to drink plenty of water.  If you had a detoxifying lymphatic massage (to further enhance the effects of the treatment) we recommend that you take a Himalayan salt bath (soak for 20 minutes in 1 cup of salts).  Drinking detox tea (Yogi Teas is our favorite) also helps to flush the liver and organs of excess fluids and toxins.  A lymphatic massage can be done once a week for 5 weeks for optimal results.


Q:    How is lymphatic massage different from a Swedish or deep tissue massage?

A:    Lymphatic massage is generally a little lighter in pressure as it focuses on flushing the lymph channels that lay just beneath the skin.  It still feels very relaxing like a Swedish or deep tissue massage.  You might feel dizzy when you initially get up off the table so be sure to take your time and drink lots of water afterwards.  


Q:     What type of lymphatic massage do you do and what is it good for?

A:     We do manual lymphatic massage, as well as use a small tool called a Gua Sha.  For clients coming in post-op we might also use ultrasound for sensitive areas.  During lymphatic massage the circulation of the lymph fluids are improved and the body is able to release toxin build-up.       


Q:     Is lymphatic massage good after I have a procedure like liposuction, a tummy tuck, or breast augmentation?

A:     Yes, we get quite a few clients that come in after having had a procedure.  The massage will quicken the healing process.  Lymphatic massage helps to reduce scar tissue, bruising, and bloating, and gently drains excess fluids and toxins from the body.


Q:     Is lymphatic massage good for edema, weight loss, cellulite, or bloating?

A:     Absolutely.  Often times we pair the massage with a special oil such as arnica or birch oil. Arnica is an herb that reduces inflammation and improves circulation while all-natural birch oil is used to reduce the appearance of cellulite.


Q:     Do you have showers or spa facilities like saunas or hot tubs?

A:     No, we are a small studio that focuses solely on therapeutic treatments.  For clients looking for saunas and hot tubs we recommend Tikkun, located ½ block from us at Broadway and 4th. 


Q:     What therapist is best at deep tissue?

A:     All of our therapists are trained in many different modalities including deep tissue.  Our female therapists are equally as strong as our male therapists.  If you have a preference please let us know when you make the appointment.  

Q:     Can I request a specific therapist each time I visit?  

A:     Yes, you can request a specific therapist and we will make every effort to pair you accordingly, but we cannot always guarantee that they will be available to you.  For this reason, all of our staff are trained in similar modalities and styles.


Q:     Should a massage be painful?

A:     Sometimes a massage can feel painful if there is a build-up of tension and lack of circulation in the tissues.  Some clients prefer to work through this, while others would prefer a lighter pressure.  Be sure to let your therapist know what kind of pressure you like and, if at any time, you feel uncomfortable.


Q:     What if I’m on my period?

A:      Initially we might not feel like doing anything while on a period but massage is actually very beneficial during this time.  It can ease cramps and discomfort and help the body to release toxins naturally.


Q:     How long do I have to use my package of 5, 10, 15, 20?

A:     One year.


Q:     Can I bring a friend?  

A:     Yes!  They can use one of your package and come with you, or can come on a separate occasion without you.  If they purchase a package, then you receive a half hour bonus on one of your future sessions.


Q:     How long are your massages?

A:     60 or 90 minutes.


Q:     Should I arrive early to my appointment?

A:     Yes.  We’ll have you fill out an intake form when you arrive.  It takes just a few minutes so please arrive a few minutes early.


Q:     What if I’m sore after a massage?

A:     During a massage the therapist works to stretch, lengthen, and break up groups of muscles (commonly known as knots).  This leads to increased blood flow and healing to that area but can also lead to tenderness the day after.  Also, if you happen to be dehydrated on the day of your massage, your tissue will not be as pliable, and you will feel more soreness afterwards.  A good at-home solution for sore muscles is an epsom or Himalayan salt bath.


Q:     Will I be naked?

A:     Before we leave the room to allow you to get situated on the table, and under the sheets, we ask you to undress to the level of your comfort.  All of our therapists have great draping techniques so that only the area that they are working on is exposed.    


Q:     Will my therapist massage my abdomen?

A:     Some clients want abdominal massage to be a part of their session while others do not.  If you don’t request it specifically then generally it’s not included.


Q:     What kind of products do you use in the facials?

A:     We use a product called Seaflora. We love that their products have superior compatibility with the skin and are free from toxic ingredients.  The seaweed is hand-harvested off the coast of British Columbia and contains powerful bioactive compounds that deliver anti-aging effects.


Q:     Will my therapist use oil for the massage?  What kind?

A:     Yes, oil is used in the massage.  The product that we use is of the highest grade when it comes to industry standards.  It is called Biotone and is a mixture of cold-pressed sweet almond, Hawaiian kukui and coconut oils. Our un-scented version is nourishing for the skin and also contains vitamin E.  


Q:     Is it okay to go to the gym or use a sauna/steam room after my massage?

A:     After a massage wait 24 hours before engaging in vigorous exercise such as running or weight training.  Exercising too soon after a session may impair recovery from the massage, increase soreness and inhibit the effectiveness of the soft tissue work.  Saunas are fine before or after a massage but do keep in mind that some saunas encourage sweating and hence a loss of body fluid.      


Q:     How long have you been here – at this location?

A:     We’ve been at this location for 3 years now.  


Q:     What made you start this business?

A:      I’ve always had a passion for the healing arts.  I studied psychology and then later became a yoga instructor and massage therapist.  I went back to school in 2013 to complete my Master’s in Spiritual Psychology.  I love the integrated approach to healing that includes Body, Mind, and Spirit.

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