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Reduce Bloating with these Easy Remedies

Ginger Tea Ginger works by stimulating digestive enzymes which help us break down our food faster and relieves gas and bloating. Studies show that ginger may reduce nausea and inflammation in the colon when consumed in tablets, chews, ginger-derived nanoparticles and other forms, but further research is needed to find out if ginger tea has the same effects.

Kombucha Kombucha contains live probiotics or healthy bacteria that colonize our gut and can help improve digestion and reduce gas and bloating.

Coconut Water Coconut water contains potassium, which may help with bloating from eating foods high in sodium. Potassium is an important mineral that helps your body stay hydrated and maintain a healthy electrolyte balance, along with a ton of other benefits. Given its ultra hydrating properties, coconut water is a particularly good choice if you’re feeling thirsty and bloated on a hot day.

Fennel Tea Fennel tea is made of fennel seeds and has a strong, licorice-like taste that can be bitter when steeped for a long time. This drink can be a good choice when you’re trying to reduce bloating and gas because fennel aids in digestion and reduces gastrointestinal upset.

Dandelion Tea A big reason dandelion root tea may help with bloating is that it’s a diuretic, meaning it helps your body rid itself of excess fluid— often in the form of water and sodium—through your urine. So you can expect to pee more after sipping a mug of dandelion tea, but you may get rid of some pesky bloating at the same time.

Detox Tea by Yogi Teas

This tea contains a combination of natural herbs like Burdock Root, Licorice, and Dandelion which gently cleanse and flush excess fluids from the body.

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