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Endosphères Therapy FAQ

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What is Endosphères?

Endosphères Therapy is a technology that uses an innovative Compressive Microvibration system. A treatment that, through a roller device composed of 55 silicon spheres, generates low-frequency mechanical vibrations. This acts on the main causes of cellulite; lymphatic stasis, the retention of fluids, and the build-up of fat cells. The treatment follows a precise protocol developed by a Scientific Committee.

What does Endosphères do on a physiological level?

The Endosphères treatment produces five synergistic actions: 1) Pain Relief 2) Lymphatic Drainage 3) Action on the Vascular System 4) Body Contouring 5) Muscle Toning

How does Endosphères produce pain relief?

Endosphères Therapy stimulates mechanoreceptors and works on inflammation. The treatment also releases endorphins which helps in the relief of pain.

How does Endosphères produce Lymphatic Drainage?

Endosphères Therapy eliminates lymphatic liquids in excess, flushes out toxins, and produces anti- inflammatory effects by creating a pumping effect on the lymphatic system.

How does Endosphères produce vascularization?

Endosphères Therapy improves microcirculation in the treatment area, which has a restorative effect on the vascular system. This increase in microcirculation increases metabolism which helps improve the exchange between the vascular and lymphatic systems.

How does Endosphères produce body contouring?

Endosphères Therapy uses the muscle as active resistance. The wave of localized vibration breaks down fibrociceptors which allows for compression and stimulation of fatty areas.

How does Endosphères produce muscle toning?

Endosphères Therapy uses the muscle as active resistance for the treatment, improving muscle tone. Clients with good muscle tone will see results more quickly, whereas those without muscle tone will still see results, just a bit slower.

Is Endosphères safe?

Endosphères Therapy is a clinically tested technology, and many tests have been carried out at reputable universities and medical institutes. The treatment follows a precise scientfic protocol. Practitioners receive certification of their training, which we provide in full to them upon application to practice the treatment. Endosphères Therapy is a non-surgical treatment, it is 100% safe and presents no side effects whatsoever.

How often should Endosphères treatments be performed?

It is recommended to perform Endosphères treatments 2x per week for a minimum of 12 sessions.

Can Endosphères treatments be performed every day?

It is not recommended. It is recommended to wait a minimum of 48 hours in between Endosphères sessions. This is because when you finish the treatment the body is still working for 48 hrs. Daily treatments would be redundant (waste of money and sessions).

What is the age minimum to receive Endosphères treatments?

Any age is fine with parental consent for minors. Endosphères Therapy can be used for prevention. However, it is not necessary for very young people, although it will not cause damage.

Can I receive Endosphères treatments at any time of the year?

Endosphères Therapy can be used at any time of the year, regardless of the season.

How do I know how many sessions I will need to see results?

You’ll start to notice results from your first treatment, but during your first meeting, your therapist will carry out a detailed consultation to determine the appropriate number of sessions you’ll need according to your physical condition and related lifestyle factors.

How long does a single session last?

Roughly 45 minutes.

Is it painful?

This varies based on the person, presence of inflammation, pain tolerance, and session number. The sensitivity of the tissues in your skin will gradually decrease over the course of a single treatment and the subsequent sessions of the cycle.

Once the complete treatment sequence has been carried out, how long will results last?

The duration of the results obtained always depends on certain characteristics, such as your current physical condition and your future lifestyle factors. By following a healthy lifestyle, results can last up to six months, although it’s strongly recommended that you carry out a maintenance cycle to ensure that results are even more stable and lasting.

How does the maintenance cycle work?

The maintenance cycle includes two sessions per month for the first three or four months. At the end of this period, the sessions reduce to one per month. Only in cases of particularly critical conditions can you repeat the complete treatment after the first three or four months.

Are single sessions recommended?

You can undergo only one session, but in this case, the results you will see and feel will be less significant and lasting than a full course would yield. To obtain long lasting results, and then see and feel a real difference and the real benefits of the treatment, it is necessary to perform the complete cycle.

Is Endosphères effective in the treatment of swollen ankles/fluid retention?

Yes, definitely! Endosphères Therapy is a technologically advanced and sophisticated treatment that enables us to work on every part of the body from head to toe. It is clinically proven to have a very powerful and unique effect on the lymphatic system and can solve problems of lymphatic stasis in points of the body that are difficult to treat with other methods. The treatment uses deep lymphatic drainage to help restore the normal state and reduce swelling. It is possible to carry out the treatment on the ankles with definitively surprising results.

Is Endosphères effective in the treatment of orange peel skin?

Yes! Endosphères Therapy, unlike many other treatments, has an important tissue-toning action, thanks to the vascular, metabolic and purification activities that stimulate a physiological restructuring oftissues. Check out our before and after photo results!

Is Endosphères effective in the treatment of loose skin?

Yes. The expertly designed device with the hypo-allergenic silicone spheres, which is the applicator in contact with the body when carrying out the treatment. Spheres are specifically designed to be able to work on tissue with skin laxity problems. Not only are there no contraindications, but there are also considerable improved results in tissue laxity. This rejuvenation is brought about by the increase in the structure of the tissue obtained through vascularisation and tissue reactivation.

Is Endosphères safe to perform in the case of visible capillaries?

Absolutely, yes. The Endosphères Therapy treatment works by carrying out pressure tests on the tissue without suction. Consequently, it treats the areas with visible capillaries with care and without complications.

Is Endosphères safe to perform in the case of Diabetes?

Yes, definitely. There is no reason for you not to enjoy the treatment!

Is Endosphères safe to perform in the case of Pregnancy?

The Endosphères Therapy treatment carries out a profound stimulation of the lymphatic system. Consequently, the scientific protocol strictly suggests not to carry out Endosphères treatment during pregnancy.

Is Endosphères safe to perform in the case of Breastfeeding?

Unfortunately, this is the same as for during pregnancy.

Why can clients bruise during Endosphères treatments?

Bruising is a normal side effect of Endosphères body treatments. Bruising indicates an area where the lymphatic system is blocked.

What are the common side effects of the Endosphères treatment?

Bruising, soreness, increased urination.

How long after Cryoskin Slimming should you wait to perform an Endosphères Treatment?

It is recommended to wait 72 hours after a CryoSlimming session to perform an Endosphères treatment as this is the key time to flush the fat cell debris from the lymphatic system.

Can Endosphères help with varicose veins?

Under a very low intensity protocol, Endosphères therapy can assist with the appearance of varicose veins. However, it is not the cure.

Can Endosphères help with the appearance of blood marks?

Yes, blood marks disappear with Endosphères therapy due to the action on the vascular system.

Can Endosphères be used post-surgery for lymphatic drainage?

Endosphères is excellent for lymphatic drainage but the indications on how and when to do the treatment must be given by the operating surgeon because it depends on the healing times and on the various cases so there is no standard time for all.

Why are clients who have cancer in the past five years contraindicated?

The 5 year rule is based on an Italian regulation. However, should the client wish to receive treatment within those five years, it is required that the oncologist gives consent to the treatment. Endosphères can only then be done to help lymphatic drainage and eliminate toxins.

What is the recommended waiting period if a client has a gastric sleeve or has undergone gastric bypass surgery?

The time required for the scar to regenerate so that it can be passed over with the handpiece.

Can Endosphères be used over areas with implants (metal or silicone)?


Can Endosphères be used on a client with a mesh insert?

We would recommend that the client gain formal consent from their doctor prior to treatment. It is not a real contraindication, the surrounding areas can be treated, but not pressing with the hand piece on the abdominal wall.

Why does the body treatment start at the thighs instead of the feet?

Our treatment is based on manual lymphatic drainage techniques such as vodder (Austrian method). It starts from the thigh because if there is a block upstream it cannot drain downstream (at the ankles) so a backward drainage is done to favor it.

Can Endosphères Therapy be used with Whole Body Cryotherapy or Localized Cryotherapy?

For both services, we would recommend doing them either the previous or the following day to Endosphères Therapy (not recommended same day). This is also with the caveat that there are no skin irritations, nerve issues, numbness, etc occurring in the client as a result of cryo. If the local cryotherapy is being done in a

different area (i.e. local cryo facial + Endosphères body treatment) these can be done on the same day.

Can Endosphères Therapy be used with compression modalities or the ion foot cleanse detox?

Yes, they may be used with no mandatory wait time, although it is recommended to do compression in between Endosphères sessions for best results vs. same day.

Can Endosphères Therapy be used with PBM?

Yes, there is no mandatory wait time.

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