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James is our front desk CEO and public relations expert.  His kind and sincere personality is a saving grace that dissipates stress, and sets the tone for a relaxing experience at Daily Calm.  He is currently studying Business Entrepreneurship, and, at one time, owned his own juice bar.  In his spare-time he can be found running marathons.

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Cole is our front desk wellness consultant.  He comes to us from Colorado, has a Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications, and also works as a yoga instructor and bartender on the side!  He can answer your questions about each massage service we offer, therapist info and availability, as well as assist in scheduling an appointment, or purchasing a massage package.



Jacqueline is an Esthetician and Beauty Expert with a passion for luxury clean beauty and healthy living. After being a makeup artist and brow specialist for over a decade, Jacqueline redirected her passion for aesthetics. Her attention to detail and perfectionism transpired into performing effective face and body treatments for clients. “It feels good to not just make clients look great, but also physically feel better. Health and beauty go hand in hand.”

Jacqueline performs detox treatments, and Cryoskin face and body therapies.


Caitlin is a California State Certified Massage Therapist with over ten years practicing in the field of wellness. 

Each of her clients is offered specific modalities, which target individual needs based on health and wellness goals.  She utilizes new technologies, tools, manual techniques applied to the body, nutritional adjustments, or lifestyle recommendations. 

She has a passion for wellness and is a great listener.  She loves to provide individualized, holistic treatment for her clients and is adept at health coaching.  Her focus is on optimizing the natural detoxification mechanisms of the body, and aiding in a deeper mind-body connection. It is Caitlin’s passion to see the betterment of each client, and to maintain long lasting results.  Her style leans towards deep tissue but she is also great at Relaxation Massage, Gua Sha Lymphatic, Dry Brush Massage, Swedish, and Endosphères Therapy.


Dina is a caring and passionate Massage Therapist/Bodyworker, Non-Invasive Aesthetic Practioner, and MLD-T who enjoys educating clients on the benefits of their treatments as part of the whole experience. 

Dina believes Massage and Holistic medicine is the art and science of healing that addresses the mind, body, and spirit. She integrates a wide range of therapies that can help prevent and treat disease and injuries. Her areas of specialty are Maual Lymphatic Drainage, Swedish, Hot-Stone, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, and Sports Massage.

She graduateded from the Southern California Health Institue Advanced Medical Massage program. After graduation she knew she wanted to further her eduction at the Accademy of Lymphatic Studies to complete her certification in the Vodder Technique.  She is certified and licensed in Massage Therapy/Bodywork, Non-Invasive Aesthetic Practioner, and Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist (Vodder technique) 

Dina Shryane, CMT, NIAP, MLD-T



Kechelle comes to us from Anaheim.  For as far back as she can remember she has had a desire to help others’ through the field of health and wellness.

She attended the CalCopa Massage school as well as the Massage Institute for Healing Arts.  Her specialties include relaxation and Swedish massage, deep tissue, cranial, gua sha lymphatic, hot stone massage, and Cryoskin.

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